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As a true nonprofit public charity, the Red Sox Foundation is incredibly fortunate to have the ability to support other non-profits through small grants. This is only possible through an aggressive fundraising strategy, which is heavily reliant upon access to both Fenway Park and Red Sox Nation.

As you know, the past year has been challenging in more ways than one. We, like many other nonprofits, were unable to achieve our typical fundraising goals, and as such, have been limited in our scope of support. Moving into 2021, we’re hopeful with the promise of a baseball season, we will be able to generate revenue to support a giving strategy – albeit smaller in size than a normal year.

Historically, the Red Sox Foundation strives to make a difference in the lives of children, veterans, families and communities in need throughout New England by improving their health, educational and recreational opportunities. Given that 2020 was unlike any other year in recent history, in 2021 we will focus our organization’s efforts on supporting the “Recovery & Rebirth” of Boston, Massachusetts, and New England.

More specifically, we will prioritize organizations that are supporting vulnerable populations with:

  • Food Access
  • Shelter Security
  • Educational Resources (including support for: impacts of remote learning, back-to-school, mental health/SEL, physical activity, learning loss, student engagement, etc.)

In practice, this means that while we will review all requests made to the organization this year, we will focus our resources and support on organizations that are achieving outcomes and success with vulnerable populations across the focus areas of Food Access, Shelter Security, and Educational Resources.

Please note that we anticipate a tremendous number of requests this year. While we will do our best to accommodate as many non-profits as possible, we simply cannot support every organization requesting funding or partnership. We also cannot guarantee consistent funding across fiscal years. Lastly, please note that organizations can only request funding once per calendar year.

As standard practice, we also focus our funding on organizations that:

  • Are located within New England & Lee County, FL
  • Are not political or religious entities
  • Are not requesting capital funding
  • Have a nonprofit/501(c) (3) status

Please note we may continue to re-define and shift our priorities in 2021 to be reflective of the evolving needs of our communities, and any updates to that strategy will be reflected here.

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