2022 Grant Recipients

2022 Red Sox Foundation Grant Recipients

Received $15,000 to help fund the Puerto Rican Veterans Monument Square Plaza.
Received $10,000 in funding.
Received $10,000 to provide financial support, staffing, and creative resources for the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.
Received $10,000 to provide support to a graduate of the Boston Public Schools, Chelsea High School, and/or Taunton High School, enrolled in the New Balance Sports Leadership Program at UMass Boston.
Received $10,000 to create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.
Received $10,000 to create and maintain clean, green, safe and accessible open space in parkland throughout Boston.
Received $10,000 to help quip young people with the attitude, skills and experience to graduate from college.
Received $10,000 to help their commitment to giving back to the community.
Received $10,000 to provide life-changing services for homeless, runaway and at-risk youth.
Received $10,000 to help get kids actively involved in practicing the skills they need to effectively stand strong against bullying.
Received $10,000 to help ignite girls' passion and power to succeed through positive mentoring relationships.
Received $8,500 to promote and support peace, culture, education and community development across the island of Ireland and among Irish communities.
Received $7,500 to provide the simple joys of childhood to kids battling hunger or illness.
Received $7,500 to provide year-round sports training and competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for all children and adults with intellectual disabilities.
Received $5,000 to eliminate gaps in life expectancy and quality of life among different races and ethnicities.
Received $5,000 to preserve, conserve and interpret the contributions of African Americans.
Received $5,000 to ensure that all young people have the financial information and resources necessary to find an affordable path to and through college.
Received $5,000 to support their independent school for children of economically disadvantaged families in Boston, with scholarships for all.
Received $5,000 to provide a level of community involvement and family entertainment to children and adults alike, that is second to none in New England.
Received $5,000 to provide under-resourced public school students with creative programs that deepen academic learning and emotional well-being through project-based arts integration.
Received $5,000 to give patients and their families access to care that’s different.
Received $5,000 to help prepare today's students for a bright future.
Received $5,000 to eliminate racism and empower women.
Received $5,000 to create a more  equitable Boston in which youth of color can thrive.
Received $5,000 to meet every child’s educational, medical and emotional needs, in order to equip them to break the cycle of poverty in their families and communities.
Received $5,000 to break the cycle of young adult homelessness.
Received $5,000 to actively engage the community to provide medically tailored, nutritious, scratch-made meals to chronically and critically ill individuals and their families.
Received $5,000 to partner with high-achieving students from urban high schools as they start their post-secondary journey.
Received $5,000 to provide year-round group and individual mentoring, transformational summer experiences, and post-secondary preparations and advising for Boston-area youth.
Received $5,000 to enhance the lives of individuals within diverse communities with autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and their families.
Received $5,000 to transform the economy by breaking down barriers for Black and Latine/x professionals in tech.
Received $5,000 to provide college scholarships and educational counseling to military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty.
Received $5,000 to economically empower Greater Boston women and girls through the creation and funding of high impact leadership and economic programs.
Received $5,000 to extend the Boston Celtics championship legacy into the New England community through initiatives that benefit children in need.
Received $5,000 to continue the impact made through Ray Bourque's leadership by supporting a wide variety of different charitable and educational endeavors.
Received $5,000 to provide urban youth in grades K-12 with after-school soccer & enrichment programs.
Received $5,000 to restore and improve the Emerald Necklace for all.
Received $5,000 to amplify the power, creativity, and voices of youth, connecting them to Afro-Latin culture and heritage so they can create a diverse, vibrant Latin Quarter and build a just, equitable Boston.
Received $5,000 to promote economic growth and a high quality of life in the New England region.
Received $5,000 to unite public, private and community partners to ensure safety, healing and justice for children and families impacted by violence, exploitation and abuse.
Received $5,000 to preserve the Fenway as a vibrant and diverse neighborhood.
Received $3,750 to help children realize their potential and build their futures.
Received $3,000 to provide lifesaving suicide prevention services in Massachusetts.
Received $2,500 to ensure that the children, youth, and families they serve have the resources and supports they need to achieve greater economic success and social well-being.
Received $2,500 to provide a range of family-friendly education and support services that are unique to each child and every family served.
Received $2,500 to assist homeless women and girls by providing underwear and feminine hygiene products when they need them most.
Received $2,500 to advance equitable learning outcomes for young children in underserved communities by recruiting and supporting caring adults to deliver high-quality programming to children.
Received $2,5000 to serve adults living with mental illness by offering a full range of therapeutic support and rehabilitation services.
Received $2,500 to provide services that are consistent and compassionate for families of murdered loved ones and families of incarcerated loved ones.
Received $2,500 to empower students to discover the value of courage and develop English Language Arts (ELA) proficiency.
Received $2,500 to transform trauma care for civilians and military heroes who suffer from devastating traumatic injuries.
Received $2,500 to empower girls to imagine a broader future through a curriculum grounded on female role models.
Received $2,500 to collaborate with teachers, schools, partners, and districts to provide targeted support to young students.
Received $2,500 to ensure a safe and permanent home for court-involved children in Suffolk and Middlesex Counties who have experienced abuse and neglect.
Received $2,500 to improve the lives of young homeless children in Massachusetts and help their families succeed.
Received $2,500 to provide professional mental-health counseling and holistic therapies that are compassion-based and affordable to ALL in need.
Received $2,500 to build affordable housing and vibrant, prosperous neighborhoods.
Received $2,500 to convene, serve, and organize together with our members, community leaders, and allies for the advancement of all immigrants across the Commonwealth and beyond.
Received $2,500 to serve thousands of students in public schools across Boston through our two anchor programs, After-School Debate League and Debate-Inspired Classrooms.
Received $2,500 to provide students with a strong academic foundation rich in cultural, educational, ethnic, socioeconomic, and racial diversity in an integrated public school setting.
Received $2,500 to drive equitable access in youth sports and physical activity.
Received $2,500 to support the academic, social and emotional growth of students impacted by homelessness.
Received $2,500 to support people with experience in commercial sex, and its associated exploitation, trafficking and prostitution, by providing a range of community-based services.
Received $2,500 to work toward ending sexual assault and domestic violence and creating a more just and equitable world.
Received $2,500 to empower adults with autism and other developmental disabilities to live meaningful and satisfying lives by providing exceptional residential and day services in inclusive farm communities.
Received $2,500 to serve neurodiverse children and adults who are discovering their passions, unlocking potential, and thriving.
Received $2,500 to provide critical legal advice and representation to low-income individuals.
Received $2,500 to protect children, strengthen families, and build community.
Received $2,500 to fight for the legal rights of Connecticut’s most vulnerable children.
Received $2,500 to end the serious public health issue of domestic violence.
Received $2,500 to decrease the opportunity gap in order to decrease the racial wealth gap.
Received $2,500 to equip families with the skills, knowledge, and resources to solve their homelessness permanently.
Received $2,500 to empower the blind and visually impaired with programs, materials, and technology supporting braille literacy and learning through touch.
Received $2,500 to make measurable improvements in lives by mobilizing the caring power of our communities.
Received $2,500 to ensure the provision of quality affordable housing opportunities in viable communities for lower income households.
Received $2,500 to provide comprehensive programs and services to homeless families.
Received $2,500 to ignite girls' passion and power to succeed through positive mentoring relationships.
Received $2,500 to help inspire, connect, recognize and support women of all ages in the workplace, entrepreneurship and beyond.
Received $2,500 to address social, emotional, and mental health challenges.
Received $2,500 to provides essential support for children in the Dominican Republic and in New England.
Received $2,500 to increase participation in sports among New England youth and adults who have visual or mobility impairments.
Received $2,000 to empower youth and families within their community to develop social, emotional, academic and life skills to engage fully and freely in life.
Received $2,000 to take Veterans, their families and young people into the outdoors for re-connection, healthy activity and healing.
Received $2,000 to provide veterans with sustainable solutions while promoting a safer, healthier, and prosperous civilian lifestyle.
Received $2,000 to help ensure 23 local charities can deliver important programs to the most vulnerable populations within our community.
Received $1,800 to promote programs and policies that enable all Massachusetts residents to enjoy the greatest possible health and wellness.
Received $1,500 to serve children and families who have experienced the death of a parent.
Received $1,500 to create equitable access to healthy local food in Western Massachusetts.
Received $1,500 to provide supportive services to 54 individuals who were homeless or threatened with homelessness due primarily to mental health conditions.
Received $1,200 to maintain and restore health through leadership in compassionate care, scientific discovery and education.
Received $1,000 to redistributes excess food to people experiencing food insecurity.
Received $1,000 to provide food to communities most in need at prices everyone can afford.
Received $1,000 to provide real-world work experiences for eighth graders.
Received $1,000 to distribute food to those in need of assistance.
Received $1,000 to alleviate the impact of hunger in the community.
Received $1,000 to bridge the gap between low-income women and healthcare for their communities.
Received $1,000 to build greener, stronger, healthier and more beautiful neighborhoods in Hartford.
Received $1,000 to help individuals overcome barriers to employment, attain independence, gain confidence, and enhance their quality of life.
Received $1,000 to provide resident empowerment and sustainable community revitalization for residents of Lowell and the Merrimack Valley.
Received $1,000 to engage in public policy advocacy on issues related to child and family well-being.
Received $1,000 to enhance the lives of children with special needs through innovative therapeutic horseback riding.
Received $1,000 to be an invaluable resource for the study of American history, life, and culture.
Received $1,000 to accelerate life-changing breakthroughs to cure, prevent and treat T1D and its complications.
Received $1,000 to create diverse book-rich environments for children that promotes the joy of reading.
Received $1,000 to provide individuals who have a disability opportunity through participation in sports, therapy, training and recreation programs.
Received $1,000 to support an equitable, just, and sustainable local food system.
Received $1,000 for the Preston Settles Memorial Fund to accelerate discovery and care for people with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
Received $1,000 to advocate for and educate on organic and sustainable agriculture.
Received $1,000 to help raise funds for deserving charities in the local community.
Received $1,000 to provide opportunities for students to deepen their understanding of the justice system.
Received $1,000 to help fund health and cancer research initiatives.
Received $1,000 to provide services that assist the elderly with maintaining independence and quality of life.
Received $1,000 to enable all young people to reach their potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.
Received $1,000 to touch the lives of nearly 1 in every 3 children in Hartford Public Schools.
Received $1,000 to strengthen schools by advancing impactful initiatives that improve student outcomes.
Received $1,000 to help stop child abuse in Massachusetts.
Received $1,000 to inspire and assist others in pursuing their dreams and goals as Pedro did.
Received $1,000 to equip Veterans with the tools for economic self-sufficiency and dignified independent living.
Received $1,000 to support individuals with special needs so they can realize their greatest potential.
Received $1,000 to unlocking opportunities in the arts for Deaf and hard of hearing youth.
Received $1,000 to help children and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder learn to reach their full potential.
Received $500 to lead the way to end Alzheimer's and all other dementia.
Received $500 to provide access to the sport of slow-pitch softball open to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and heterosexual people in New England.
Received $500 to make an impact in the cancer community.
Received $500 to empower individuals and organizations to practice ethical fundraising through professional education, networking, research and advocacy.
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