Chase the Ace Raffle

Red Sox Foundation Chase the Ace Raffle

New this season, the Chase the Ace Raffle provides a chance for fans to win both a weekly prize and the final progressive jackpot. Simply select the card that you think the Ace of Hearts is hiding, purchase your raffle tickets, and then check back each Thursday for the weekly winning ticket!

The Red Sox Foundation seeks to make a difference in the lives of youth, veterans, families and communities in need by improving their health, educational and recreational opportunities. Thank you for your support!

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How Chase the Ace Works

  1. Choose your card for the progressive jackpot
  2. Purchase your tickets to the weekly drawing for that week’s prize (tickets, autographed memorabilia—and more!)
  3. A winner is selected for the weekly prize on Thursdays after 3pm ET
  4. The weekly winner’s card is revealed
  5. If it’s the Ace of Hearts, the winner also takes home the progressive jackpot and the raffle ends
  6. If not, a new weekly prize is revealed and the progressive jackpot grows every week until the Ace of Hearts is found!

Fans must be located in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and at least eighteen (18) years of age to purchase a Chase the Ace raffle ticket. Weekly drawings will take place on Thursdays after 3pm ET for the weekly prize, until the Ace of Hearts card is revealed. Entries in a weekly drawing will not carry over into subsequent weekly drawings. Winning numbers for the weekly prizes can be found here. Please see Official Rules for full details.

Weekly Prizes

  • Week 1: Two Green Monster Tickets for the Home Opener at Fenway Park on April 15th
    • Winning Number for Week 1 (April 14): A-1000589
  • Week 2: One Autographed Kiké Hernández Jersey and Pair of Kiké Shades
    • Winning Number for Week 2 (April 21): B-1003443
  • Week 3: Two Dell Technologies Club Tickets to the Red Sox Hall of Fame & Fenway Honors on May 26th
    • Winning Number for Week 3 (April 28): C-1000485
  • Week 4: Autographed Xander Bogaerts Baseball & Xander Socks
    • Winning Number for Week 4 (May 5): D-1000110
  • Week 5: Red Sox Foundation Hoodie
    • Winning Number for Week 5 (May 12): E-1000783
  • Week 6: David Ortiz Autographed Baseball
    • Winning Number for Week 6 (May 19): F-1003193
  • Week 7: Four Premium Tickets to the May 28th Doubleheader
    • Winning Number for Week 7 (May 26): G-1000132
  • Week 8: Autographed Alex Verdugo Baseball
    • Winning Number for Week 8 (June 2): H-1000578
  • Week 9: Two Tickets to a Red Sox Foundation Sam Deck Concert Party
    • Winning Number for Week 9 (June 9): I-1001189
  • Week 10: Four Garden Tickets to the 2022 U.S. Open at The Country Club in Brookline, MA on Sunday, June 19th
    • Winning Number for Week 10 (June 16): J-1004078
  • Week 11: Autographed Xander Bogaerts Jersey
    • Winning Number for Week 11 (June 23): K-1000551
  • Week 12: Four Green Monster Tickets to the Red Sox Home Game on July 4th
    • Winning Number for Week 12 (June 30): L-1002926
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